eMFAS Newsletter No. 12

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The Autumnal 2013 term is on it's way with two new courses: Early Madina and Society through Literature. The courses take place in Norwich and are recorded and posted on the Members’ Area of the website for registered students – book your place below!

50% Discount

We take the opportunity of the new MFAS term to extend offers to large numbers of people, because serious students of knowledge are rarely the wealthiest of people. The offer extends to:

  • Attendees at the Norwich Deen Intensives
  • People who have previously attended MFAS courses or taken out a membership
    And naturally all those with genuine circumstances that do not permit them to pay full fees, including:
  • Those in full-time education
  • Those experiencing genuine hardship
  • There is also an international cost of living adjustment

Just apply to Shakura or phone Khalil at +44 (0) 20 3239 0603

FREE – Introductory Lectures

We are offering attendance at the introductory lectures for our two new courses for free, singly or together. Simply write to Shakura to register or phone Khalil at +44 (0) 20 3239 0603.


As the context in which much of the dīn was revealed, the sharī‘a put in place and the Sunna practised, the city of Madina has not been well understood. It remained the political centre of Islam during the first three caliphates and after that continued as a major locus of learning and, more importantly, of everyday communal embodiment of the dīn. An appreciation of its life and culture is vital for a complete understanding of the Book and the Sunna, just as a proper grasp of our current society is an essential requirement for putting them into practice.

When and Where?

2pm, Saturday 31st August – Curve Auditorium, The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich, NR2 1TF.

ONLINE Tuesday 3rd September.


In their works authors and poets have always revealed deep insights into the inner drives and actions of the human being. They have shone light on the hidden workings of history, and offered a clarity of perception in the face of darkness. This module explores the illuminating role of literature in society.

When and Where?

3:30pm, Saturday 31st August – Curve Auditorium, The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich, NR2 1TF.

MFAS Autumnal Term 2013

If you are not going to avail of our concessions, then:

1  Book the entire course:

Early Madina £180

2  Book both current courses in their entirety (SAVE £100):

Early Madina + Society through Literature £260

Donations and Scholarships


The Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies is constituted under the aegis of the Blackstone Foundation (UK registered charity no.1027789). MFAS relies exclusively on charitable donations from individuals, minimal tuition fees, membership subscriptions and the work of volunteers. We receive no state funding and eschew subsidies from any source likely to compromise our academic integrity or capacity for self-determination. Please help our work by donating here.


You may also contribute here to our scholarships fund for the exclusive support of those outstanding Muslim students who would otherwise be unable to undertake or successfully complete their chosen course of study.

Isaac Newton: The Last Magician

See this intriguing BBC documentary about Isaac Newton and then avail of our 2013 Vernal module on Technique and Science, two lectures of which are free.