eMFAS Special Issue – Egypt

Take this opportunity to grasp the historical inevitablity of recent events in Egypt, from the self-destructive determination of the Muslim Brotherhood to the sanguinary ruthlessness of the military state; and why it is a sign of things to come in Europe and America!

The Politics of Power and the History of the Khalifas

The Politics of Power module tracks the emergence of the nation state out of the originating terror of the French Revolution to the ongoing destruction of peoples across the world by the treachery of modern politics and international finance. 

See lecture No.5: French Revolution III – A Template for Modernity

The History of the Khalifas module traces the long trajectory of Muslim political power through the Umayyad and 'Abbasid caliphates up until the illegal cancellation of the khalifate by Kamal Attaturk.

See lecture No.7 Bani al-‘Abbas II – Decline and Disintegration

Both modules converge on the modern history of the Islamic world and the tragic failure of its leaders to avoid the political trap of the ‘nation-state’ and even more seriously, the deadly tentacles of the  usurious banking system.

The Madhhabs of Islam and Technique and Science

The Madhhabs of Islam module shows the evolution of the different mainstream madhhabs of fiqh and 'aqida as well as the emergence of heterodox movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism.

The Technique and Science module shows the fundamental importance of science in the rapid political, economic and social transformation of society, first in Europe and the West and then very rapidly right across the Muslim world.


The current focus on democracy vs tyranny, Islamism vs pluralism and civilian vs military government, only scratches the surface, leaving the underlying historical mechanisms unexamined. Taken together these four modules constitute an indispensable handle on the hidden roots of the Egypt's predicament, without which the recent unrest cannot be understood, let alone resolved.

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And Finally…

“Of course we are appalled at the massacre of a country’s citizens by its own military. We must step back from the frenzied scene of ‘breaking news’ and its dismal commentators. These events are profound in effect and by their nature will reconstruct political discourse as a result.

“In these final days of the American experiment it was perhaps inevitable that its last two holders of the high office of Secretary of State should prove inadequate, a woman who had failed in the bedroom, followed by a man who had failed on the battlefield.
“Our epoch has been dominated by what began as a loud and boastful rhetoric – that the solution to the problems of injustice lay in universal franchise democracy – and year by year has weakened into the now dead voice echoing across the ruins of Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Egypt.”

Egypt. To whom the bell tolls… Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi