MFAS Baccalauréat (Bacc.MFAS)

Baccalauréat Timetable
“Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626)

The MFAS Baccalauréat (Bacc.MFAS) is a formal course of continuing education for post-16 year olds, which covers the essential elements of the MFAS "General Muslim Studies" and "Civilisation and Society" Programmes. Studying for the Baccalauréat serves as the foundation level point of entry to MFAS membership as a Registered Student. It is designed to take 37 weeks in total, spread over a lunar calendar year (Shawwal 1436 - Sha'ban 1437), which is divided into five terms as follows: three eight week terms of twice weekly evening classes for the teaching of the syllabus; an independent study term of two months for the completion of written assignments; followed by five weekly tutorial sessions for the final assessment of the written papers required for achievement of the Baccalauréat. Apart from the two opening units: 1.The Grammatical Sentence (English) and 2. Arabic Vocabulary and Lexical Morphology, first, presenting an overview of the language in general and its morphology in particular, then acquiring vocabulary using a standard khutbah's preamble, conclusion and du'as, and the last Hizb of Qur'an, proceeding from the Fatihah and the short surahs at the rear of the Qur'an and making use of the tafsir of Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi, each unit of the syllabus consists of two elements:

a) Classroom study; two formal lectures based upon related papers selected from the given MFAS module.

b) Recommended further reading; any additional papers, articles or materials as specified.

The Baccalauréat also marks the beginning of a new initiative: the study of the mu‘āmalāt of the sharī‘ah, beginning with two papers by MFAS Honorary Fellow Riyad Asvat on 1. Mu‘āmlāt as the Way Forward and 2. The Cash Awqaf, both excerpted from MFAS module The Question Concerning Economics, as well as Aḥkām as-Sūq by Yaḥyā ibn ‘Umar al-Andalusī, historically the first work solely about mu‘āmalāt. Yaḥyā ibn ‘Umar was one of the major companions of Ṣaḥnūn, the author of the Mudawwanah, the second source in the school of Madīnah after the Muwaṭṭa’ of Imām Mālik himself. The student will not be expected to memorise the rulings in this work or the mu‘āmalāt in a detailed fashion but to grasp the outlines of the science and its ethos.

MFAS Baccalauréat 2016-2017


For all enquiries contact the Registrar or phone: +44(0)203-239 0603. There are a limited number of sponsored places. There are discounts for MFAS Subscriber Members and others, and payment may be made by instalments.

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