MFAS Perspectives

By means of of our lectures, seminars, symposiums and publications MFAS is developing a body of work/materials whose purpose is to offer a vantage point from which our students/clients will gain a range of revealing perspectives on every essential aspect of the current political and intellectual terrain presented by the dominant Western societies and an articulate and reliable language in which to express them, whose developing vocabulary will serve as a measure and a critical dictionary for the interpretation and understanding of the dominant political discourse in the West, thus enabling the emergent Muslim intelligentsia to enter the arena with a confidence born of cultural relevance, legitimacy and intellectual authority to assume their demographically, politically and philosophically regenerative role as the new national socio-political adhesive. The elaboration of these perspectives is generated within the productive matrix of the vanguard positions occupied by proto-Madinan communities rooted in European countries whose rapid formation as the key to understanding the future profile and trajectory of Islam in Europe, gives urgent rise to the need for perspectival 'translation', 'localisation' and 'negotiation' which generates the defining new language by which the Madinan politique will be mediated within the established political and philosophical discourse.

MFAS Perspectives comprise five or six lectures, convened in convivial surroundings and delivered over two days. Our first Perspective, venue and date to be confirmed, will be:

Being in the World – Reflections on human identity by European Muslims