MFAS Subscription

The Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies is an academic fellowship organisation whose participants are actively engaged in study, teaching and research with a view to identifying the roots of modern society’s systemic disorders and planning for the application of the knowledge and practices vital to the attainment of civic recovery and renewal. To this end, our particular emphasis on the juxtaposition of the highest of western intellectual tradition with the most penetrating of contemporary Muslim scholarship is intended to bring valuable new perspectives to the fund of knowledge and understanding available to academics, policy-makers and active community-builders alike.

We are dedicated to the establishment of a self-governing association of independent scholars, researchers and academics drawn from all over the world, with the capacity to operate as an influential think-tank and a leading voice of the Muslim intelligentsia. MFAS is supported by charitable donations, fees, subscriptions and the contributions of volunteers. The Faculty is committed to: the delivery of tuition via traditional and on-line platforms; the generation and distribution of related articles, papers and publications; and the provision of access to specialist academic resources and other professional benefits to be gained from subscription.

Subscribers receive the bi-annual MFAS Journal, which ordinarily contains a number of lectures from the two main MFAS programmes on ‘General Muslim Studies’ and ‘Civilisation and Society’, relevant material from the Commentariat writings of MFAS officers and Fellows as well as an occasional paper from a Foundation Fellow. From time to time, special issues of the Journal will be dedicated to particular topics.

Subscribers also receive a discount of up to 33% on MFAS modules and events.

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