Think Tank

The think tank operates as an integral function of the Faculty’s general research strategy with respect to the generation of policy research and advice, building influence in the realm of intellectual discourse and encouraging the advancement of public understanding. However, the raison d'être of the think tank per se is defined by the express pursuit of the two overriding priorities which rely for their fulfilment upon the activation of adab, siyar and useful knowledge in the arena of scholastic endeavour: a) the recovery of a correct hierarchy of knowledges and their application to the transactions of civilised living; b) the recovery of the vital connection between learning and behaviour and the creation of opportunities for autonomy of thought and action that will be indispensable if the people of knowledge and understanding are to fulfil the responsibilities that await them in our time.

The challenge, therefore, is to confront the epistemological as well as the experiential challenges presented by the times we live in, and to meet the demands of a continuous process of investigation which must necessarily also include examination of the very kind of thinking necessary to make an effective approach to the following pivotal questions:

  • Where are we as a society?
  • How did we get here?
  • Where do we go from here?
  • How do we proceed?