Civilisation and Society

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This programme examines the dominant global society, arguing, in our first module, that it has emerged from out of the French Revolution. The analysis is undertaken in five parts: first, the history of power including the emergence of banking and ‘market forces’; second, the picture of technique, technology, method and science and how they have arisen, and how they relate to power, including examination of some of the more exciting recent developments; third, an examination of the structure of its personal, familiar and societal forms and institutions as seen through the eyes of its writers and artists; fourth, an investigation of economics drawing on a number of disciplines including philosophy and psychology as well as on absolutely traditional perspectives from the Sunna and Shari‘a; fifth, we look at the means by which a society sustains itself through time by means of education, pedagogy and tarbiya, with a view to looking practically at our genuine needs today. The programme comprises five modules:

Table of Modules
  1. Autumnal Module - September/October/November 2012: Module II - Politics of Power
  2. Vernal Module - February/March/April 2013: Module IV - Technique and Science
  3. Autumnal Module - September/October/November 2013: Module VI - Society through Literature
  4. Autumnal Module - October/December 2014: Module VII - The Question concerning Economics
  5. Vernal Module – February/March/May 2015: Module VIII - The Question concerning Education