Pending the outcome of the continuing review of our current operations, all Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies programmes are suspended until further notice. In the interim, we have made the lectures freely available here on this site.


This forum has the theme of freedom. I want to discuss this theme in terms of politics. 

Two political view-points will be juxtaposed in this discussion. On one side is the political theory of individualism. Without a doubt, contemporary politics is equated with individual freedom. However, a different perspective will be advanced herein and an understanding of politics will in turn, I hope, point to a different understanding of freedom. 

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A snapshot of a world spinning out of control

This piece could not have come about were it not for work undertaken in preparation of several Muslim Faculty of Advanced Study modules, most particularly ‘The Politics of Power’, ‘The History of the Khalifas’, ‘The Madhhabs of Islam’ and ‘Technique and Science’.

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17.1 Amal versus Hadith in Islamic Law • Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewley / Dr. Yasin Dutton • Part 1

Two lectures by Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewley FFAS in commentary on a paper by Dr. Yasin Dutton FFAS.

"…orientalist scholars … have taken a half truth and made it into a deception in order to undermine the whole idea of the Deen and the Sharia."

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