Pending the outcome of the continuing review of our current operations, all Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies programmes are suspended until further notice. In the interim, we have made the lectures freely available here on this site.


Categories of Membership and Qualifying Examinations


The Faculty offers four classes of membership designated as follows:
Membership Grade Designation
Fellow FFAS
Member MFAS
Associate AFAS
Institutional Affiliates IAFAS
Registered Student n/a
Subscriber n/a


Fellows, Members and Associates receive a certificate of membership bearing the Faculty's seal. All grades of membership may take advantage of membership benefits and services as appropriate.

Fellowship (FFAS)

Fellowship represents the highest degree of membership and authorises the incumbent to use the designatory letters FFAS. Fellows fall into three categories; two of which are by election and the third by application:

Honorary Fellows

Candidates for Honorary Fellowships are expected to be recognised academics or intellectuals whose independent contributions to those spheres of endeavour shared by the Faculty are deemed significant enough to warrant the high level of recognition conferred by such an accolade; or they may be public figures or philanthropists whose political or material support have signally enhanced the effectiveness of those working in the field.

Up to two Honorary Fellowships may be conferred in any one year.

Foundation Fellows

To be able to proceed with full confidence in the Muslim Faculty as a useful and necessary undertaking at this time, it was felt that sufficient evidence of independent encouragement, affirmation and support coming from a representative range of respected individuals in their own right who are, or have been, fully engaged in all aspects of academic life, would enable us to feel fully justified in embarking upon the enormous amount of effort and commitment that such an initiative would inevitably demand over a sustained period. By the generosity of Allah, there has been no shortage of experts and others with the instinct, insight and experience to recognise the potential value of the project and were interested enough to respond positively to our approaches. With the responses we have received nationally and internationally from active or otherwise outstanding scholars, academics, writers and thinkers from a cross-section of emerging, as well as more established voices within contemporary Muslim intellectual life, we are now satisfied that the Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies, with the permission of Allah, is off to the best possible start. The special category of Foundation Fellows shall not exceed forty in number and is reserved for those first academic supporters, advisors and contributors whose exemplary embodiment of our motto has given direction to the Faculty's foundational aims and objectives. The body of Foundation Fellows will also admit nominees from the category of Expert Fellows as and when required with a view to maintaining both the original quorum of forty and the quality of input essential to the success of our ongoing endeavours.

Expert Fellows

This represents the principal category of Fellowship conferred by the Faculty. Holding uninterrupted Membership (MFAS) status for at least three years, or a senior academic position at an approved institution of higher learning for at least one year (preferably during the three years immediately prior to application) is a prerequisite qualification for Fellowship applicants. However, in exceptional cases applications may be submitted based upon the demonstration of substantial, original or distinct contributions to any branch of learning deemed to fall within, add to or extend learning in the fields of adab, siyar and beneficial knowledge which it is the foremost object of the Muslim Faculty to cultivate.

The minimum age for Fellowship is 25.

Membership (MFAS) and Associateship (AFAS)

Members and Associates taken together represent the main core of academic practitioners and professionals addressed by the Faculty's range of activities, services and benefits.


To apply for Membership (MFAS) it is necessary to offer either:


A pass with distinction in the Faculty's Ordinary Diploma in Advanced Studies, or an approved undergraduate degree (first or upper-second class honours) or proof of graduation from Dallas College Cape Town (with references), or an equivalent degree level qualification (NVQ level 6) in a relevant subject with at least two years' vocational experience (at least one of which must have been immediately prior to application) in which academic practice is a significant component.




A pass in the Faculty's Final Diploma in Advanced Studies or an approved post-graduate qualification with at least one year's vocational experience (preferably immediately prior to the date of application) in which academic practice is a significant component.

The minimum age for Membership is 21.


To apply for Associateship (AFAS) one must be able to offer:


A pass in the Faculty's Ordinary Diploma or an equivalent qualification (NVQ level 4-5) in a relevant subject and proof of current engagement in, or as a minimum, the intent to engage in employment or regular activity of an academic character.

The minimum age for Associateship is 18.

Registered Studentship

The Registered Student category is intended for anyone who is engaged in a course of study leading to the MFAS Baccalauréat (Bacc.MFAS), or will shortly be engaged in a full-time, part-time or online course of study equivalent to GCSE A level or NVQ level 2 or higher.

To encourage advancement to AFAS or MFAS status, Registered Students are expected to take a qualifying examination within two years and are strongly encouraged to follow this with an application for Associate or Member status. Registered Studentship is usually limited to three years, but may be extended in exceptional circumstances.

The minimum age for Registered Students is 16.


MFAS Subscriber membership is intended to acknowledge and to encourage the many Muslims from all walks of life around the world who have come to respect and value the contributions of MFAS in the arena of Muslim education and the dissemination of beneficial knowledge for the benefit of the Muslims everywhere. Becoming an MFAS Subscriber is an easy and meaningful way to support the ongoing work of MFAS and ensuring that you are kept in touch with all of the latest developments, while enjoying prioritised access to Faculty related events, opportunities and other specific benefits, which include automatic receipt of the regular MFAS Newsletter, subscription to the bi-annual MFAS Journal, containing papers selected from the principal 'General Muslim Studies' and 'Civilisation and Society' programmes; topical discussion and critical observations from the Commentariat writings of MFAS officers and Fellows; as well as an occasional special interest paper from a Foundation Fellow. From time to time, the entire issue will be dedicated to one key topic in order to provide our readers with much needed in-depth analysis and commentary on the subject in question. Subscribers are also entitled to receive discounts of up to 33% on MFAS modules, symposiums and Residential events.

Membership and Subscription Fees

Membership Grade Cost per Annum
Fellow £60
Member £45
Associate £35
Institutional Affiliates £110
Registered Student £25
Subscriber £25

Membership is effective from the date of admission and runs for one year.

Single copies of MFAS Journal

It is also possible to buy a single copy for £10 p&p inclusive.

Please note: subscriber members and people purchasing MFAS Journal from outside the UK will receive an e-book version, ePub or Kindle according to preference.