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General Muslim Studies

This programme examines three areas: the core political history of the Muslims as exemplified in their khalifas from the Khulafa ar-Rashidun right down to the last of the Osmanlis; the intellectual history of the Muslims as shown by the madhhabs of Islam, both those of fiqh and 'aqida, as well as heterodox movements, particularly those that have contributed substantially to the modern age; and a study of the societal forms of the first community of Islam in Madina. With the addition of the MFAS Residentials module on ‘Aqida, Hadith and Fiqh, it comprises four modules:

Table of Modules
  1. Autumnal Modules - September/October/November 2012: Module I – History of the Khalifas
  2. Vernal Modules - February/March/April 2013: Module III – The Madhhabs of Islam
  3. Autumnal Modules - September/October/November 2013: Module V – Early Madina
  4. Vernal Modules - February/April/June 2015: Module IX – MFAS Residentials I
  5. Vernal Modules - March/May/July 2016: Module X – MFAS Residentials II