Pending the outcome of the continuing review of our current operations, all Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies programmes are suspended until further notice. In the interim, we have made the lectures freely available here on this site.

eMFAS Newsletter No. 2

eMFAS is the Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies weekly Newsletter. It is a quick and simple way of keeping you up to date with the Faculty’s regular programmes, lectures, events and free offers!

eMFAS will also include small extracts and links to recommended books, articles and lectures.

The Madhhabs of Islam and Technique and Science 2013

The two Saturday lectures for Week 3 of our Spring Term modules are: “Pre-Madhhab Fiqh” and “Goethe's Way of Science”.

The lectures will take place in the Curve Auditorium, The Forum, Norwich NR2 1TF, on Saturday 16th February at 2pm and 3:30pm respectively.

They will be posted online at: for all students of the courses on Tuesday 19th February by 6pm. Simply register and view.

Please contact Shakura bookings(AT) for further information

Pre-Madhhab Fiqh by Hajja Aisha Bewley (delivered on her behalf by Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison, Warden of the MFAS)

“The fiqh from the period after the Companions and before the crystallisation of the classical madhhabs of Islam shared a number of characteristics: first, there was much emphasis on the transmitted practice as opposed to textual sources .….”

Goethe’s Way of Science by Abdassamad Clarke, Dean of the MFAS

“Goethe, best remembered as a poet, pursued research in science that was not merely original but genuinely challenged the paradigm of Newton, which he farsightedly realised contained great peril for the human species.”

“The Translation of Identity” Winter Symposium lecture

The Winter Symposium “Identity and Time” took place on 8th Dec 2012. It consisted of three short lectures followed by the Symposium itself. The lectures are now available for free on our website both in video format and transcripts. This week we will look at Abdassamad Clarke’s lecture the Translation of Identity, from which this extract is taken.


“The identity of the Muslim and of the Ummah could not be clearer. Indeed, the issue before us is in some sense behind us: the translation of that identity into a British, European and Western setting. The fact of our meeting and the fact that it is we who meet is proof that this matter is well advanced.”

And Finally...

Hjernevask (Brainwashing) – Part 1: The Gender Equality Paradox

Harald Eia and Ole Martin Ihle

The Gender Equality Paradox

“Why do girls tend to go into empathizing professions and boys into systemizing professions? Why does the labor market become more gender segregated the more economic prosperity a country has?”