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10. What is it that the Muslims know…?

“What is it that the Muslims know that must be so comprehensively suppressed?”

We inhabit a world where information has overthrown wisdom, where the material has displaced the spiritual, where the unknown has overshadowed the Unseen and where the present has blotted out the past. It is unavoidable that in the course of such profound shifts a great deal that is of unique importance to humanity will have been totally forgotten or irretrievably lost with the advancement of progress; as has any residual sense of loss or sacrifice with the passing of the generations. And to make sure that the route that has taken us to this destination remains concealed, we are subjected to an educational regime that amounts to little more than propaganda in favour of the present and preparation for the jobs market.

Given the ubiquity of this ‘enlightened’ materialism, from which the Muslims have been anything but immune, the question becomes not so much what it is that the Muslims ‘know’ but rather, what it is that they ‘have’. Certainly, there is their oil and their lands, but these have long since been locked into the international banking-industrial nexus throughout the 20th century. There are also their vast populations, but these have also long since been confined within the secure reservations of the modern nation state. What the Muslims still have is access to the last and totally complete ground plan for human living in all of its dimensions. It is contained within the final set of revelations from the Lord of the Worlds and the unbroken transmission of know-how from the first community to set it in motion. They were led by the last of the Messengers with the final dispensation for the final phase of human history, thereby abrogating the fantasies of social evolution and ‘post-modernity’. The arc of its parameters provides the natural definition of the modern age. The custodian communities of this wisdom are the proof and source of the knowledge and understanding that everyone needs... but they will not find it encapsulated in a school or university curriculum.

Central to this dynamic are the people of ihsan (sufism), who while they know that they don’t know, are all the more attentive to the core of the knowledge they long for, the heart; that piece of flesh which while it is sound, the whole body is sound, and while the pathways to ihsan are sound, the community remains sound. They are alert to the hidden potential of the moment, both the historical moment they are in and the lived moments of life itself, since both are inextricably connected. The extent to which they remain unrecognised amongst the Muslims themselves, is a measure of the degree to which the freedoms necessary for effective resistance to manipulation have been circumscribed and the pathways to the understanding of reality obstructed. Nevertheless, what it is the Muslims have is a justified expectation that the essential understanding will always come to them out of the momentary potential, at the instant and in the manner that those of them it is intended for are destined to get it. It is not the same as reliance upon the efficiency of information retrieval from digital archives and databases. Hence, the underlying need for clarity implicit in the course of this developing discourse, which had begun with reflections on the nature of nihilism and scientific technique, was completed out of the generosity of the moment, in this most generous of months, with the unsolicited insight of a leader travelling far in advance along our pathways:

"So, a new question must be asked of the statistician: Why are you measuring? In the new society the observer knows himself observed! If man rejects his reductibility within any mathematical procedure he will by that token have rejected his subservience to the modern totalitarian state. Since this is beginning to happen, there is hope for the future of the world, mankind, and wisdom, even, indeed, for our good companion, the statistician." (

They work quietly ignoring the onslaught of opposition and denunciation, which will recede into the background to become the strident signal emitted by the media and the ignorant that has nothing to do with the lived human reality around them, because in spite of the headlines and the slanders, the good will towards them opens the way to their service.

What about the cold politics of power?

There is no way for global usury finance to accept that any population remains outside of its mesh. That is because the exponential growth of debt and interest payments always requires new blood. As Europe, Japan and the US sink under the weight of unpayable debt, China has already served its purpose in the money markets, and is playing its part in the ‘opening’ of Africa and other Muslim lands. We have witnessed the recurring hurricanes of chaos: Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria. Now the streets of Turkey are in turmoil and it is Morocco’s turn to descend into the abyss. Everything must be demolished and destroyed in order to build the gleaming towers of debt with their façade of progress. So, the ‘mob’ is unleashed, that cynical tool of ancient Roman politics, now eclipsed in our educated minds by a sanitised history of the French Revolution. The goal? The Muslims are to be transformed into consumers and indebted credit card holders, while ownership of their industries, natural resources and properties is transferred abroad.

In this process, Islam itself remains the one thing that is in the way, because the people of its pathways maintain an utterly clear prohibition of usury, a working practical model of a non-usurious economy and are dispersed amongst the burgeoning 25% of the world’s population that would by definition be well disposed towards its implementation, providing resistance against usurious infection introduced into the deen by the Islamic bankers. Therefore, Islam must be discredited and its power concealed from its own followers and from everyone else who might otherwise be led to discover it. To this end, the academics have been employed and the armies of journalists let loose: cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

But Islam will just not go away. In spite of the turbulence of the sectarian movements and stalking horse and false-flag operations, Islam will not go away and is on the increase and on the move, and its clear teaching on the unitary nature of the Divine, its behaviour patterns modelled on the character and practice of the best and most generous of mankind, Muhammad, peace be upon him, and its clarity on core issues such as usury make sense to increasing numbers of people across the world who are coming into Islam in ever greater numbers.