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Nihilism and Nothingness

To characterise the modern age’s descent into chaos as being driven by nihilism would be mistaken. Dostoyevsky’s sincere tormented characters wrestled with their complete belief in nothing to the point of madness. The old nihilist thought he could believe in nothing at all but found it to be impossible. Whereas the new nihilist is driven away from what Bohr and Heisenberg called ‘the old religions’, and is impervious to the profusion of new age beliefs that represent modern spirituality. The new nihilism means humanity being given over to an ancient and terrible spell under which the protection of every moral imperative is abandoned in return for mastery of the techniques which have already opened the doors to the annihilation of the world. Then the 'nothingness' that remains will be the realm of the new nihilism, a barren 'anti-world' with no past, where human beings are lost to belief and lost to themselves in a lifeless present, and where digital wealth alone multiplies at will into a limitless future of its own making.

The truth is that this future has already overtaken us: Human fertility must be subject to control and limited; the genetic potentialities of nature must be captured and modified; the earth's natural resources must be exploited to the point of exhaustion; the freedoms necessary for effective resistance must be circumscribed; pathways to the understanding of reality must be restricted. Only the exponential fecundity of intangible, bank formulated wealth can never be impeded in its capacity for growth, enabling it to produce the entire technical 'ecosystem' required to maintain itself, taking such complete possession of the body of creation that it is like a cancer that is so widespread that it cannot be destroyed without destroying its host.

So, as this seemingly intractable disease has accelerated in its advancement, can it really be by chance that it has coincided with an increasingly determined demonisation, victimisation and misrepresentation of Muslims and their dangerous religion? What is it that the Muslims know that must be so comprehensively suppressed?

Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison and Abdassamad Clarke